Chainbridge’s Agile Methodology

  • Chainbridge Technologies utilizes a proven Agile methodology that incorporates the process for gathering, tracking, adjudicating, scheduling, and implementing requested changes and new requirements into an application. We work with subject matter experts to identify requirements and develop detailed user stories, prioritize backlog to incorporate the stories into planned sprint cycles, and obtain the necessary approvals. This process builds in collaboration between Chainbridge, the client, and key stakeholders throughout the Agile sprint cycle and has been successfully employed in multiple projects.
  • Chainbridge Technologies implements both SCRUM and Lean Startup Agile methodologies. We have successfully employed these methodologies over the last five years at Federal Government agencies and have worked collaboratively with both Federal Government agencies employees and supporting contract staff to help transform the agencies from traditional development to Agile/DevSpecOps. Our projects serve as the agencies’ reference model for implementing Agile/DevSpecOps agency wide.

DevSpecOps – CI/CD

  • Chainbridge develops software though a continuous integration/continuous deployment process incorporating best practices in design, development, testing, implementation, and deployment. Our process improves return on investment by shortening the software delivery timeline without sacrificing quality or security.
  • Our design procedures utilize user-centered design practices. We have an early focus on end-users and use structured methods to assure the end-user perspective is captured. We work with project stakeholders, not developers, to document user stories. These stories capture the critical elements needed as part of the Agile development methodology used for each project. We also utilize empirical measurement of product usage and testing of prototypes with end-users to assure intuitive functionality is delivered. We use an iterative design process continuously deploying prototypes then final versions to achieve results that meet client needs.

SDLC/SELC for Agile

  • In keeping with our Agile SDLC/SELC methodology, we collaborate closely with end users and stakeholders and provide incremental and iterative documentation. This includes delivering the initial version of required SDLC/SELC documentation with the delivery of pilot and production functionality. For organizations transitioning from traditional development to Agile/DevSpecOps, we collaborate to tailor the deliverables to an Agile/DevSpecOps process.

Documentation, ATO, and Training

  • Faster software deployment means the need for faster documentation modifications. Documentation is an integral part of the overall process and we incorporate needed document creation and upkeep into our Agile process. Ultimately, for Federal systems, security documentation is required to pursue and achieve a system Authority to Operate (ATO). We have years of success achieving ATO’s.
  • We offer a broad range of training services. From train-the-trainer to direct training, webinars, video training, and creating manuals, we provide turn-key support. We also incorporate training into our systems via intuitive UI design, pop-up support text, imbedded videos, and customer support via chat.